It's a tale worthy of a spy novel, the judge said.

USA Today

Konanykhin, one of the first Russian millionaires after the fall of the commies, left in 1992 and was granted asylum here in 1999. He had been chosen "New York Businessman of the Year."

The Washington Post

Mr. Konanykhin was a whiz-kid physics student who became a pioneering Russian capitalist in early 1990s, building a banking and investment empire by his mid-20s. He was a member of President Boris Yeltsin's inner circle

The Wall Street Journal

By the time he was 25 he was one of the most important figures in post-Communist Russia. But in 1992, while on a business trip to Hungary, Alex Konanykhine was kidnapped.

The Times

The FBI notified Konanykhin that Russian organized crime figures had paid to have him killed.

The New York Times

Konanykhin didn't only have KGB after him. He had FBI, the Justice Department and even the CIA after him.

60 Minutes, CBC

The Konanykhin case is truly exotic and for nearly two weeks it transformed Judge John Bryant's court into a spellbinding seminar on international intrigue.

The Washington Post

A tale of intrigue..

The Intelligencer Record

Russian Bill Gates


Representing himself through much of the process, Konanykhin managed to convince an immigration judge of an alleged INS and KGB conspiracy and cover-up. Following the court's admonishment, the INS agreed to drop all charges and also pay $100,000..The judge also ordered an investigation of the Justice Department. In separate actions, Konanykhine subsequently won multimillion dollar libel judgments against two Russian newspapers. A $100 million lawsuit against the Justice Department is pending, alleging perjury, fraud, torture and witness tampering by U.S government officers on behalf of the Russian Mafia.

Los Angeles Daily Journal

Imagine you are a teenage physics genius who quickly amasses a $300 million empire of real estate and banking ventures, has dozens of cars, six hundred employees, several mansions and two hundred bodyguards—but you are nonetheless kidnapped by those you trusted, threatened with torture and death, and have your entire empire stolen from you one dark night in Budapest. You escape with your life by racing through Eastern-block countries and flying to New York on stashed-away passports—only to have the KGB and Russian Mafia hell-bent on your hide and the U.S. government jailing you and conspiring to serve you up into their clutches. All this before your 29th birthday. Sound like a Tom Clancy thriller? No. . . just a slice in the life of Alexander Konanykhine.

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